Name of feature: Adaptive Release

Degree of difficulty star rating: ★= easy

What is it?

Adaptive release is a very useful tool that allows you to control who can access a content area, quiz or assignment drop box.

What can it do for me?

It is particularly useful when you need to receive late submissions from students who have been given special consideration. Similarly if you need to create an alternative assessment for some students, but not others, you can use the adaptive release function to provide access to just the specific students who have been approved.

What’s the benefit and for whom?

By using access control you avoid creating new assignment dropboxes or having to allow late submission to the whole class. Using adaptive release helps you to keep things simpler, clearer and less messy.

Any ideas for how I could use it in teaching?

Adaptive release is an access control tool. Therefore it is useful in any scenario where you want to restrict access to a piece of content, test or assignment dropbox.

How do I find it?

Once you have created a content item, step through the following steps:

1). Make sure you are in edit mode in the top right of UTSOnline when you are in your subject:

Shows edit mode is turned on

2). Click on the grey chevron to edit the content item and select “Adaptive Release” from the options list


Image shows selection of Adaptive Release from the drop down menu

How do I use it?

Find more information about Adaptive release on UTSOnline help.

Read a detailed guide on how to use this tool.


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