My presentation was about…

I presented on the UTS component of a cross-institutional, cross-disciplinary OLT grant I am a team member of, named Owning the rubric: Student engagement in rubric design, use and moderation. We were awarded $200,000 to conduct this research.

What inspired your approach?

UTS students inspired my approach. I learnt so much from our students while co-constructing a rubric with them for a final assessment in Spring session. It was a first year mandatory creative writing subject (Imagining the Real).

What was the most surprising outcome?

The way the students completely disrupted and deconstructed a rubric I thought was appropriate and fine for this assessment. They honed in on the language and made it clear and transparent, and an artefact that they can understand.

How has it/will it benefit students?

The students were extremely proud of their work, and proud to take part; and that they were asked to take part.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give other academics based on this experience?

Never stop listening to your students and learning from them.

Any plans for what you’ll do next?

Yes. I have ideas about enmeshing this research into each subject I teach. I am thinking of working it into the Week 1 activities, but not as intensively as in the current research; an electronic activity to revise and improve rubrics for their upcoming subjects.

For more information on the project, take a look at the PowerPoint presentation from the Teaching and Learning Forum.


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