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Lessons from a U:PASS leader, one year in

By Abbey Warren,

Abbey Warren is a second year Bachelor of Biotechnology and Bachelor of Business student who leads in Cell Biology and Genetics as a U:PASS leader. U:PASS Leaders are high achieving students who facilitate study classes in a range of first and second year subjects. I’ve never been as nervous...

Futures blog

Getting students to do pre-class activities: Advice from Joseph Yeo

By Richard Ingold,

One of lecturers’ and tutors’ common complaints is that many students don’t prepare for classes. But is it always their fault? And is it purely due to a lack of interest or motivation? Joseph Yeo answers these questions with a definitive “No”.

Futures blog

The students driving change inside the LX Transformation

By LX Transformation,

Wenjing (Wendy) Xia and Sabrina Bhuiyan are current UTS undergraduate students that each month, meet with the other program board members of the LX Transformation. Joining Maryanne Dever, the Executive Director of the LXT program and the Associate Deans of Teaching & Learning from each faculty, their presence on...

Futures blog

#UTSTLF17 snapshot: owning the rubric in first year at UTS

By Sue Joseph,

If you missed this presentation at the UTS Teaching and Learning Forum, catch up here!

Futures blog

Put your students at the centre!

By Adrian Norman,

A simple model to help you design teaching that puts your students at the centre of the learning experience.

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