Wenjing (Wendy) Xia and Sabrina Bhuiyan are current UTS undergraduate students that each month, meet with the other program board members of the LX Transformation. Joining Maryanne Dever, the Executive Director of the LXT program and the Associate Deans of Teaching & Learning from each faculty, their presence on the board is part of the LX Transformation’s commitment to making the process a collaborative and co-designed journey.

We recently had a chat with Wendy and Sabrina to find out more about what they do and what they hope to achieve by working alongside the LX Transformation.

Wendy and Sabrina
Wendy and Sabrina

Wendy is a second year nursing student who is keen to understand and advocate for the student’s voice in the LX Transformation, and takes on the responsibility of attending the monthly LX Transformation board meetings alongside Sabrina. Sabrina is in the process of completing a combined Law degree, and has had previous educational experience in multiple universities studying Science, Law, Journalism and Economics.

What contributions have you made to the LX Transformation program?

“I offer my perspectives and insights into student communication and advocate for students to ensure that we, as students, will have a smooth transition and know where to get help if something goes wrong…”


Their presence among the other board members also acts as a reminder for who we are building the new digital learning ecosystem for, and our commitment to placing discussions and decisions in the “context of the student learning experience”, Sabrina says. Sabrina also endeavours to provide “valuable insight into what changes students really want to see”.

“Ultimately, the [LX Transformation] will help us to get the best experience possible from our degrees”.


Although Wendy sees the usefulness of what we know as UTSOnline, or Blackboard, as hosting all the online information for her course, she also sees the clear benefits of refining the tools in the new system, and the possibility of redefined online peer to peer interaction. In refining these tools and taking the time to listen to students and faculty staff, UTS is actively committing to taking feedback on board and working towards a digital ecosystem that will elevate the experience of each and every student.

What excites you about the LX Transformation?

“The LX Transformation program is an opportunity to display UTS’s commitment to innovation and cultivating an environment where students are supported and their needs are addressed.”


Wendy too is looking forward to the change. “I believe that the university experience for each of us will no longer ‘look the same’ through the lens of our new digital learning system, Canvas. I look forward to the day when it comes.”

Get involved

LXT is a three year program with a five year horizon, offering multiple opportunities to participate in co-design and multiple ways to enhance the staff and student experience. If you would like to be involved in future workshops or interviews, email lx.transformation@uts.edu.au.

You can find more information about the LX Transformation here.

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