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Get ready for Autumn 2020

By Phoebe Huang,

In the lead-up to the Autumn 2020 teaching session, we’ve put together a program of workshops to help you with the process of setting up assessment tasks, marking and providing feedback in Canvas, UTSOnline (Blackboard), REVIEW and Turnitin.

Advice from academics going through the LXT Whole of Course process

By Anna Stack,

One of the great things about the UTS Teaching and Learning Forum is hearing from a wide range of people about how they are approaching their teaching and planning across different faculties.  At the session A conversation with the “transformed”: stories from academics going through subject transformation we were...

Behind the scenes of the LX Transformation

By LX Transformation Team,

The LX Transformation is a three-year program with a five-year horizon. In 2020, postgraduate courses will start teaching in Canvas, and undergraduate course teams will start planning their transition. The support provided by the LX.lab will be key to the success of this transformation. The services and resources they offer faculties...

Vanessa Scarf on transforming the Graduate Diploma of Midwifery

By LX Transformation Team,

“The LX Transformation is not workload. It can be an opportunity to lighten your load through the Whole of Course approach, and you can come out the other end feeling so proud about the course that you are delivering to students” Vanessa Scarf To celebrate the achievements of the...

The students driving change inside the LX Transformation

By LX Transformation Team,

Wenjing (Wendy) Xia and Sabrina Bhuiyan are current UTS undergraduate students that each month, meet with the other program board members of the LX Transformation. Joining Maryanne Dever, the Executive Director of the LXT program and the Associate Deans of Teaching & Learning from each faculty, their presence on...

Stepping into the LXT process: a chat with Dr Moira Scerri

By Richard Ingold,

How can we ensure a logical path through a course made up of many subjects? How can we cultivate cumulative building of knowledge and skills as students move through a course? Dr Moira Scerri answers these questions and gives her thoughts on the move to Canvas.

How co-design is transforming the learning experience

By LX Transformation Team,

Our collaborative culture is what differentiates UTS from other Universities. The UTS2027 Strategy builds on this, with the design of the strategy being designed collaboratively to look at increased opportunities to bring all corners of the university together to find new ways of working and support our thriving environment....

Whole of Course: What subject coordinators need to know

By LX Transformation Team,

The 'whole of course approach' is a key part of the LX Transformation. But what does it mean, and how does it affect you as a subject coordinator?

Making connections at CanvasCon: top five insights

By Chris Girdler,

Fresh perspectives on shared challenges provide insight at the annual ed-tech event

Have a look at the refreshed LXT site

By LX Transformation Team,

Find out how to get up-to-date information on the LX Transformation project.

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