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LXT Ask That: Whole of Course with Associate Professor Jacqui McManus

By LX Transformation Team,

Learn more about the approach that's shaping the LX Transformation.

How our transition to Canvas inspired LX Transformation

By Vicky-Kerry Offord,

LX Transformation is an opportunity to rethink, refresh and transform how we approach whole of course design to enhance the student learning experience in a contemporary digital environment.

LX Transformation: four questions with Shirley Alexander

By LX Transformation Team,

LX Transformation (LXT) is set to continue to build on our reputation for disrupting learning by creating a digital environment that will enhance that of our on-campus experience and supports the future of learning at UTS.

While you wait: what to do while you’re in the Canvas queue

By Lucy Arthur,

There's still plenty you can do before you switch over to Canvas.

What you need to know about LX Transformation

By LX Transformation Team,

LXT (Learning Experience Transformation) complements and supports the learning.futures strategy to create an enriched learning experience for our students. Here's what you need to know.

Spot the difference: LX Transformation and Postgraduate.futures

By LX Transformation Team,

Postgraduate.futures and the LX Transformation are two interrelated UTS initiatives to transform the digital environment that will underpin the future of learning at our university.

Social Learning Tools…what’s up with that?

By David Yeats,

Social learning and its tools under the microscope as we unleash the LX.transformation. Part one of a two-part series.

Getting a Canvas sandpit is easy as 1, 2, 3…

By Futures Team,

The best way to try out Canvas is to jump in and play around in your very own ‘sandpit’ – make stuff, break stuff if you can, and have fun!

The LX Transformation: FAQ’s and how to get involved

By Maryanne Dever,

You might have heard a little about the LX Transformation around campus. But what is the LX Transformation, and what does it mean for you? Read on to find out more.

Come and play in Canvas: how to access your sandpit

By Chris Girdler,

There are some changes coming to learning management systems at UTS. Explore new features and get prepared by jumping into your very own Canvas sandpit.

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