Postgraduate.futures and LX Transformation: A quick summary

The Postgraduate.futures strategy (PG.f) aims to increase UTS postgraduate domestic enrolments with an emphasis on the digital learning experience. The Postgraduate.futures team work with faculties to identify and uplift a limited number of high-value Postgraduate courses. These courses are delivered through Canvas, which will be further developed through the LX Transformation as our new learning ecosystem, creating an enhanced experience for all staff and students.

The LX Transformation Program (UTS staff, see is a three year program of work aimed at transforming the digital learning and teaching experience for all staff and students.The LX Transformation (LXT) will work with all faculties and will be rolled out across all postgraduate and undergraduate courses.

The Postgraduate.futures approach

Postgraduate.futures (PG.f) launched in 2016, aimed at increasing postgraduate enrolments at UTS and improving those students’ digital experience. The PG.f specialist team of learning designers and technologists have been working with course teams on new postgraduate courses, as well as faculty nominated flagship postgraduate courses to create unique learning experiences using the Canvas learning management system. Additionally, UTS Open was created under the PG.f strategy. UTS Open is a public-facing course platform launched in March 2018. It offers ‘a taste of UTS’ with free, bite-size (three- to five-hour) mini-courses and will soon offer a range of short courses.

LX Transformation: three major elements

A multi-year program, commenced in 2018, LX Transformation will enhance the digital learning and teaching experience across all UTS courses and deliver on the UTS 2027 Strategy. There are three parts driving transformation: moving to a single learning management system (Canvas); improving the tools and systems in our digital learning environment; and enhancing our curriculum and approaches to blended learning using a course-led (rather than subject-based) approach. The program team is actively engaging with all parts of UTS. In 2019, the focus is on detailed analysis, planning and design. Teaching and learning in the new digital learning environment will begin 2020, with postgraduate courses. The undergraduate rollout will commence in 2021.

Crossover of PG.f and LXT, and the use of Canvas, learning management system

The work of the Postgraduate.futures team will continue during the LX Transformation program, and the programs will share certain resources to progress this work. Canvas is already being selectively rolled out via Postgraduate.futures and in specific course offerings. Beyond this, each individual faculty is currently creating a tailored plan to transition their courses into Canvas from 2020 as part of the LX Transformation. In the meantime, you can get a Canvas sandpit site and start to experiment.


To find out more, email If you’re unsure about where your postgraduate subject or course fits in, please speak with your Faculty’s Associate Dean Teaching & Learning.

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