Here’s what you need to know about LX Transformation:

1. We’re enhancing our digital environment to complement our dynamic learning spaces

Canvas will replace UTSOnline (Blackboard) as our dedicated learning management system (LMS).

2. Phased delivery of postgraduate courses in Canvas will begin in 2020

LX Transformation is a multi-year program. Starting from Autumn Session 2020, postgraduate subjects will be taught using Canvas. Undergraduate subjects will follow from Autumn 2021.

3. The first step is for course teams to come together to collaborate on course led design

Because all faculties are different, 2019 will focus on co-developing rollout and support plans with individual faculties. Over the next few months, Course Directors and course teams will collectively look at their courses to make design decisions. Our LXT team will be providing support and guidance throughout this process. If you’re a Subject Coordinator for a postgraduate subject, you should hear more about this soon.

4. The best way to experience Canvas is to jump in and play in your very own ‘sandpit’

We’re in the process of adding new tools and functionality to create a great experience for students and staff, but the sandpit will give you an idea for what Canvas looks like. Request a ‘sandpit’ here.


We’re keen to hear from you. Email or visit You can also read about how LX Transformation and the Postgraduate.Futures initiative fit together.

  • […] The move to Canvas is part of the LX Transformation at UTS. This program will enhance students’ learning experience, move to a single learning management system and follow a course-led approach. Postgraduate Subjects are expected to be taught in Canvas in 2020. Undergraduate courses will follow suit in 2021 and into 2022. Read more about the LX Transformation. […]

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