We’ve all heard of the term “the sage on the stage“. This evokes images of a teacher pointing to a blackboard and students neatly seated in rows, diligently copying down notes. While this style of teaching may be appropriate in some contexts, these days we need to create much richer and more learner-centred approaches to teaching. I’m one of three learning designers on the postgraduate.futures team and my job is to help academics redesign their subjects, to rethink how they are going to teach their subject.

In this short video (3 mins) I’d like to share with you a particularly helpful model of learning that was proposed as a way to rethink distance education. This model is the Three Types of Interaction in Learning as proposed by Michael G. Moore in 1989, a long time before online learning even existed. Moore’s model helps us to identify where we need to boost particular types of interaction by finding new and innovative ways for students to interact with content, their teacher and each other

Adrian Norman, Senior Learning Designer, postgraduate.futures presenting Three Types of Interaction in Learning.

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