Matt Vella

What’s a typical workday for you?

A typical day of work for me varies from day to day. But generally I arrive at my desk, check my emails (or at least the ones I haven’t already replied to on the way to work) and then continue editing a video from the day before. Whilst editing, I’ll get emails from Learning Technologists, Academics or other staff from IML or the LX.Lab with requests for video work. Sometimes I’ll be sent scripts to revise before a shoot, or sometimes it’s trying to schedule something in, and a lot of the time it’s receiving feedback on previous work and discussing changes.

I break from this routine however when it’s time for one of my many scheduled appointments. These usually have me in a new office or classroom, meeting new academics and either filming videos with them or assisting a learning technologist with a consultation. Aside from this, sometimes I’ll assist academics with screen or voice recordings in IML’s recording booth, or I’ll swing by the LX.Lab for other various projects.

A typical day can range from me sitting all day at a desk, or not even seeing my desk at all as I dart from meeting to meeting. Moving around and meeting new people from all different faculties help keep my job interesting and it’s one of the many reasons I’m so happy working here at IML.

Any memorable moments or achievements from 2017?

I think 2017 was a very productive year for both IML and Futures. Transforming the Academic Hub into the LX.Lab was a huge project and I’m grateful I got to be involved with that. I’m especially proud of the video I did to promote that, which was all put together pretty quickly. IML also got a new camera last year which was also pretty exciting for me. I was able to work with postgraduate.futures a lot as well, who have some really cool resources and were absolutely amazing to work with.

What’s the one tip everyone should know about making a video?

I think the one thing people should keep in mind when making a video is to be aware of your surroundings. Is it noisy? Will people even be able to hear you? How’s the lighting? Is it too dark? If you’re in a quiet space with a window with natural light – you’re off to a great start!

Give a quick rundown of the kinds of things you can help UTS staff with.

I can help UTS staff with a variety things in regards to learning and teaching. Welcome videos are a great way to introduce yourself to a new class and give them an insight to how the session will play out. I can also team up with academics to create video resources, such as demonstrations on how to use equipment, explaining or demonstrating how an assignment should be done. Many academics like doing screen recordings for their students with PowerPoint presentations, but don’t have good access to a microphone, so I can also assist academics with our voice recording booth to help make their screen recordings more clear. There are many more ways I can help staff with video as well but those are the most common! Video can be a great tool for engaging students and I’m always interested in finding new ways to support academics with learning and teaching through the use of video.

Any exciting projects coming up?

As we gear up for the new session I tend to get a lot of requests for welcome videos so I’m sure I’ll be meeting some new and interesting people soon!

Lightning round

Favourite movie I’ve seen recently: The Shape of Water
Best food I’ve had: Fiore’s Pizza (New York)
Best place I’ve been to lately: Times Square, NY

Editor’s note: Matt’s title has changed since this post was originally published, he is now our Educational Media Producer.

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