Sustainability is an important part of life at UTS, from our campus buildings to our commitment to recycling. This week, the LX.lab is exploring what sustainability means for learning and teaching in higher ed. We’re guided by the values as laid out in the UTS Sustainability Strategy, and as Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education) Peter Scott says:

“UTS is committed to ‘thinking sustainability’ in all our learning and teaching. We are fostering a culture of sustainability across the entire University by embedding sustainability principles into everything we do. For learning, this means encouraging student and staff engagement with the issues of responsible global citizenship; it means acting to embed sustainability principles in our curriculum design; and it also means working hard to increase educational impact on sustainability outcomes both globally; and right down to the local and personal level.”

We’re looking forward to hearing from different members of the community on their thoughts on sustainability. Here is some of our recent content on sustainability, with sustainable curriculum from Mel Edwards, teaching students about sustainability with Sarina Kilham, and from the Futures team, ways to make your learning and teaching sustainable, and sustainable tech.

Take a look at some of the events we’ll be hosting below.

Sustainable Campus Tour

Reuse and Remix with Open Educational Resources

Integrating sustainability into the curriculum

Feature image by: Ashes Sitoula

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