As teaching staff, you may wish to help promote the upcoming Student Experience Survey (SES). The Social Research Centre sends it in August to a sample of first and final year students across all Australian Universities and non-university higher education institutions. It does this on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Education & Training to collect information that will help improve teaching and learning outcomes, and to report on multiple facets of the student experience, such as:

  • Skills development
  • Learner engagement
  • Teaching quality
  • Student support
  • Learning resources

Spread the word!

Your support of the survey will be helpful in generating more reliable and comprehensive information from a greater number of students. If you would like to be involved in promoting the SES to your students, or if you would like to nominate yourself as a survey Champion, please contact Elvira Fonacier from the Planning and Quality Unit, who will provide information & materials. Champions will describe ways they have used past student feedback to improve the student experience, and appear in photos displayed on screens around campus.

The data obtained from the SES will play a key role in the ongoing evolution of Australian higher education, so we encourage you to support this important undertaking.

More information about the SES can be found at the QILT website. For more information about other surveys at UTS please visit the UTS website.

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