was purchased by LinkedIn not long after it was launched at UTS, and as such it was a seamless transition. The name will change formally to LinkedIn Learning in the not too distant future, but don’t worry that’s all that will change. You will still have access to all of the amazing content you’ve come to rely on.

Learning content

If you haven’t used before, you’re in for a treat! It contains thousands of courses, made up of high quality, short videos which can be curated to suit your teaching/personal learning needs. The content is up to date and covers an enormous range of subjects, from IT to education, interpersonal, business and creative skills.

In the past six months over four thousand new users have logged in and the UTS community as a whole has watched over two hundred and sixteen thousand videos. The most popular has been Project Management Foundations, which is consistently at the top of the popularity list. Other popular courses include Solidworks, Learning C, Arduino and MYOB

LinkedIn Learning is one of many resources available to you for your teaching, research and professional use. We provide a wide variety of video databases, many of which can be clipped and inserted into BlackBoard and lecture presentations. An outstanding example is EduTV, which has a wealth of Australian television news items, movies, series and more.


Here’s a full list of our video resources. Library staff have curated lists of quality Open Educational Resources (OERs) for each faculty.

Library staff have developed the playful Digital and Data Literacy Tinker Kits recently demoed in the LX.lab.

Don’t forget the variety of library services and resources that academics can use to prepare for teaching in the Spring Session.

If you don’t know how to access Learning, instructions are in this recent news item on the library website

Text reads: In just six months at UTS, 216,000+ videos watched, 4,000 new users.

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