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How Reading Lists improve student experience and copyright compliance

By Patrick Tooth,

Patrick Tooth, Hossain Salahuddin and Michelle Hernandez go over some of the key benefits that Reading Lists can provide.

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Open Educational Resources: disruptive times encourage disruptive solutions

By Janet Chelliah,

Due to remote learning, the issue of access to resources has become more critical, stimulating new initiatives and collaborations in OER.

Futures blog will soon become LinkedIn Learning

By Jemima McDonald, has been used across the campus by academics and professional staff for over four years now. It has become an indispensable tool for many, supporting the learning.futures strategy as well as the training needs of all staff.

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Digital Literacy made easy with the Library’s Tinker Kits

By Alycia Bailey,

Feeling the pressure to develop digital and data literacy skills in your students? UTS Library can help with our Tinker Kits.

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Open Educational Resources Part 4: open access and free access

By Shemiran Yaghobi,

Is it right to label a free resource an 'open resource'? This post by Janet Chelliah and Shemiran Yaghobi sheds light on correct terminology.

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5 ways UTS Library can help with teaching in Autumn Session

By Ashley England,

eReadings, new subject materials, essential skills training for students, workshops, kits...and more!

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Tinker Kits for engaging, future-focused learning

By Rebecca Dale,

Tinker kits are a great way to foster data and digital literacy in your students. Here are some examples of how to use them and information on how you can get your hands on one for your subject.

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Open Educational Resources Part 3: Open Licensing Tools

By Shemiran Yaghobi,

Want to share your work with the world and get recognition for what you have done? Creative Commons might be the perfect tool for you. This post is co-authored by Shemiran Yaghobi and Janet Chelliah.

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Give alternate realities a try

By Andreas Mertin,

There’s great potential for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) to enhance the future of teaching, learning and research in the university setting.

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Update, back up and clean out: keep yourself secure beyond passwords

By Sean Riley,

Security goes beyond passwords. Think about backing up, thinking of what you keep and what you don't, and updating as key security practices.

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