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Drag-and-drop code & click-together circuitry: the littleBits of big projects

By Andreas Mertin,

Want to incorporate coding into your subject but don't know where to start?

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5 reasons you’ll love the littleBits Synth Kit

By David Litting,

Ever wanted to make music but never learned how? If so, it's time you met the littleBits Synth Kit! High quality audio and ease of use makes the kit great for sound projects, or for introducing topics such as signal chains, electrical circuits or the physics of sound.

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Open Educational Resources Part 2: Finding OERs

By Shemiran Yaghobi,

Part two of the Library Open Educational Resources Series on Finding OERs. This post was co-authored by Shemiran Yaghobi & Dr Patrick Tooth. Many thanks to Janet Chelliah for her support and advice.

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Learning to be open: Open Access as a deliberate academic practice

By Bhuva Narayan,

When I was first asked seven years ago whether I wanted to publish my doctoral thesis as open access on the university’s online institutional repository or enforce an embargo on it, it was the first time I had heard about such an embargo.

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Open Educational Resources Part 1: Creative Commons Licences

By Patrick Tooth,

Don’t have time to flip your classroom? There are many free, ready-made materials that you can incorporate within your course for modifying your existing content. Co-authored by Shemiran Yaghobi.

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Have you heard of the Open Textbook Library?

By Futures Team,

The Open Textbook Library is a cost-effective (free!) resource for students and staff.

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Upskill in learning.futures: 23-25 November

By Lucy Arthur,

Wrap up the year with a chance to upskill in Learning.Futures, Data Science and Research Impact on 23 - 25 November, with the Library's Learn. Teach. Research.

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