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Open Educational Resources Part 4: open access and free access

By Shemiran Yaghobi,

Is it right to label a free resource an 'open resource'? Why do we use these terms interchangeably by mistake? Does it mean that free resources are 'open' resources? Read on to find out the answer...

Open Educational Resources Part 3: Open Licensing Tools

By Shemiran Yaghobi,

Would you like to share your work with the rest of the world and get recognition for what you have done? If the answer is "YES" Create your work under one of the Creative Commons Licenses and use the following tools. This post is co-authored by Shemiran Yaghobi and...

Open Educational Resources Part 2: Finding OERs

By Shemiran Yaghobi,

Part two of the Library Open Educational Resources Series on Finding OERs. This post was co-authored by Shemiran Yaghobi & Dr Patrick Tooth. Many thanks to Janet Chelliah for her support and advice.

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