Part three of the Library Open Educational Resources Series on Open Licensing Tools.  If you haven’t read part one and two of this series yet, we would recommend reading Open Educational Resources part 1: Creative Commons Licenses and Open Educational Resources part 2 : Finding OERs before reading this post.

 Open Licensing Tools:

1. Open Education Licensing Toolkit

The Open Education Licensing Toolkit was developed by Swinburne University and the University of Tasmania in 2016 to support the use and development of Open Educational Resources. It has delivered practical licensing resources to assist Australian higher education institutions in delivering open online education. If this is your first time visiting the OEL Toolkit, you may like to watch this video: Toolkit Demonstration.

OEL Toolkit screenshot


Considerations for Licensees – if you are using someone else’s work

You can use Open Washington Attribution Builder to generate citations that include the licensing information you will need for your attributions. Then copy and paste the attribution into your document.

Built Attributions

Share your work – Choose a license

Considerations for Licensors – if you are licensing your own work

Creative Commons has launched a new licence chooser. It makes the process of choosing a CC  licence clearer in four easy steps. This  new license chooser is available at

snapshot of creative commons chooser


Interested? Want to find out more? Want specific information? See the Library Page on OERs or Ask a Librarian for help, or leave us a comment here! 


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