The Master of Business Analytics (Online) is the first full degree at the UTS Business School to be delivered as part of the University’s Online Program Management (OPM). OPM has become an increasingly popular way for universities across Australia to deliver programs, by partnering with specialist agencies who market, recruit and provide individualised student support through a continuous enrolment model, known as the carousel model. The benefit for students: enrol throughout the year in any of the six available study periods, learn with a small cohort and receive comprehensive learner support, without the requirement to attend campus.

Study periods are short and sharp, with only six weeks to complete a six-credit point subject, or two three-credit point subjects. With an accelerated delivery format, and many students juggling study with part- or full-time work, subjects need be carefully designed with attention to scaffolded learning activities to address the needs of students who aren’t attending traditional classes every week.

The Business pod in the Postgraduate Learning Design team has worked closely with subject coordinators in the Business School and FEIT to design subjects that are consistent, have a distinct and recognisable delivery ‘pattern’, and make use of asynchronous learning activities to support students with the assessment tasks.

In designing these compressed subjects, the PGLD team and academics were particularly mindful of the common student concern that subjects need to be user-friendly: that information is easy to locate, activities are clearly sign-posted, there is generous teacher presence, and activities have a clear purpose in preparing students for assessment. To achieve this, all subjects in the Master of Business Analytics have a coherent design style, from the sequencing of activities through to the bespoke graphic elements. The focus is less on heavy content, which is instead linked to external sites, and more on creating an environment where the teacher guides students through the different activities. H5P has been used to create appropriate formative tasks throughout all subjects. 

In Study Period 5 (which takes place in September and early October), three subjects are offered in the Master of Business Analytics: one introductory accounting subject, one introductory information systems subject and one on sustainable enterprise. 

1. Accounting Practices and Tools

Students are introduced to different kinds of financial statements, and the assessment as well as the formative activities are all about identifying and analysing the numbers on those statements.

2. Enabling Enterprise Information Systems

Students learn about the ways in which modern information systems can support organisations in achieving their objectives. Here, it’s about understanding relationships and drawing on one’s own experience using systems.

3. Sustainable Enterprise in Dynamic Systems

Students examine the impact that business has on the environment and society. The subject invites critical reflection and discussion.

An additional three subjects are scheduled for delivery in 2020, and more to come in 2021. Watch this OPM space!

  • Thanks Sebastian! I’m on a learning curve about OPM – seems like a great option for students to access focussed, guided learning with extra support.

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