We’re all doing it tough in lockdown, but our students are feeling it hardest as they return to classes online. The Student Learning Hub is working hard to learn more about how students are faring and is dedicated to helping students find the support they need while studying remotely.  

Here’s how we’re making our students’ digital experience a little better and taking the pressure off you! 

Digital Experience Insights Survey 

girl studying, and smiling

To gain more insights, the Student Learning Hub is running the Digital Experience Insights Survey. This survey will give us a valuable look into how students experience the digital environment at UTS and how they would like to be supported in this space. 

The survey will cover: 

  • how students are accessing and using technology to study 
  • how the digital ecosystem at UTS supports their learning 
  • how students access support when they need it

By sharing their experiences with us, students will go in the draw to win great prizes, such as a Microsoft Surface Pro i5 with Type cover, a 12-month subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, a free Microsoft Certification Exam, or Booktopia vouchers.  

Digital skills workshops 

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We’ve developed a series of digital skills workshops to support students’ learning at UTS and the goals they set for themselves. We are supporting students to use technology more effectively through: 

  • doing group projects and staying organised with Teams and Planner 
  • designing engaging presentations in Powerpoint 
  • basic data management in Microsoft Excel 
  • data visualisation in Power BI 
  • building an engaging online profile with Adobe Creative Cloud 

Design Your UTS 

Design your UTS

We know that digital skills are only one piece of the puzzle. To use these tools effectively, students need to be curious, persistent, and have clear goals for what they are trying to achieve. We’ve built Design Your UTS to help students set clear goals and give them strategies to go forward with curiosity, self-compassion and reflection at the core. 

Students can get started with our self-guided modules online, or book into a short peer-led group session to learn with other students who have similar goals. 

Contact us 

We’re developing new workshops, programs, and feedback channels all the time, and we’re always happy to collaborate if there’s key digital skills or software your students need.  

Let us know by emailing StudentLearningHub@uts.edu.au and we’ll help connect your students to the right services at the right time so they succeed in their classes. 

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