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Watch Party: a way to boost student engagement of your video lectures

By Andrew Francois,

Orchestrate an active learning experience with students using your own pre-recorded lecture presentation.

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Experimental learning: lessons from multi-mode physics labs

By Annette Dowd,

Annette Dowd shares learnings from two years of testing, failing and succeeding with diverse delivery modes in the physics laboratory.

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Scaling up personalised, studio-based learning

By Gavin Paul,

A redesigned introduction to Mechatronics Engineering is tested by the impacts of the pandemic – and comes out of it even stronger.

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8 strategies for remote learning in laboratories and studios

By Dimity Wehr,

How do you engage students in real-world authentic laboratories when they are forced to remain at home?

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Improving students’ digital experience at UTS

By Alycia Bailey,

The Student Learning Hub check in on how students are faring with remote learning via a survey, workshops and online modules.

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Accessibility updates and reminders for remote learning

By LX Team,

As we move back into remote teaching due to lockdown, here's a reminder of how to make your subject accessible for students.

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Creating connection and community with orientation course sites

By Brigette Fyfe,

The Postgraduate Learning Design team preview Canvas sites created for students to engage, connect and build community at start of session.

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Then and Now: Peter Stubbs guides us through his subject changes

By Phaedra Carroll,

How have academics handled the tremendous changes we've seen in learning and teaching? Peter Stubbs shares his thoughts.

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How the LX.lab Online can help you

By LX Team,

With the rapid changes and move to remote teaching, we have adjusted the LX.lab support services to better assist you.

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Shine a spotlight on your students’ skills and experience during remote learning

By Mark Gawne,

Understand how the skills and experiences of students who are studying remotely correspond to the demands of the future of work.

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