This blog was co-authored by Franziska Trede and Dimity Wehr

The Teaching and Curriculum Team (TACT) from IML invites you to participate in the explorations of Work Integrated Learning (WIL) and external partnerships – the fourth and final topic in this year’s Hot Topics series.

WIL is an endlessly fascinating topic because it is grounded on an educational partnership between university and external partners and blurs their boundaries. It bridges the world of academia and work, theory and practice, reflection and action. A key purpose of WIL is to develop graduates into technical, practical and ethical professionals and active citizens who can make a difference in the world. 

We recognise that WIL can be more than internships and that there are many creative, virtual and entrepreneurial WIL alternatives to connect people and practices. In a recent two-part series, we connected our previous topic Feedback and Assessment focus with the world of WIL by showing how students can benefit from using the peer review process for assessment.

Be part of the conversation and share with us how you use WIL as a vehicle; to engage with the public and private sectors, in community partnerships, to design real-world relevant courses and to strengthen graduate employability.

Upcoming events

Our online webinars are interactive and we invite you to share your insights and practices. Our presenters come from across the university to share their practice and enable participants to workshop ideas and ask questions. The themes and topics include:

  • Careers and TRACK using data, analytics and AI to enable decision-making around careers and curriculum design, anticipating the skills required in the future
  • The CLARA (Crick Learning for Resilient Agency Profile) tool, designed by Ruth Crick, to facilitate students to recognising their learning approaches and enable the development of resilient agency
  • HDR students employability where Research Integrated Learning meets Work Integrated Learning
  • Role play, simulations and remote learning
  • Preparing stakeholders for all phases of the WIL experiential journey

Kicking things off with the WIL Symposium

This Hot Topics is being launched with a WIL Symposium on 22nd September and will culminate in an FFYE forum in early November.

The aim of the upcoming Symposium is for you to get inspired, better networked and encouraged to boldly advance WIL. The morning session will explore external partnerships, while the afternoon session is dedicated to workshopping a new framework and exploring practices and resources. Register below:

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