Course Design is a new 6-week, fully online elective subject of the revised Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Teaching and Learning (GCHETL). It aims to guide participants through the principles and practices of course design.

A new guide for enhancing course design is being introduced across UTS this year, and this subject is recommended to orientate you and help you to put this into practice, with the aim of enhancing student learning.  

Who should take this subject?  

This course is aimed at:

  • course directors
  • course design team members
  • other teaching staff involved in (or destined for) curriculum design and review

Participants will apply their study of approaches to course design and curriculum to the courses they teach. They will identify opportunities for changes that will provide integrated, coherent and engaging learning opportunities for students. This includes meeting the future needs of stakeholders and complying with the Higher Education Standards Framework requirements

Course content and structure

Participants will explore:  

  • terms used in relation to course design and management such as course, curriculum, pedagogy and ‘elements’ of curriculum
  • a range of models and approaches commonly used when designing university courses including outcomes-based models such as constructive alignment, research-based and practice-based
  • processes for designing courses based on course model/s and approaches (e.g. students as partners)
  • contemporary issues and challenges that influence course design and curriculum mapping, including ‘embedding’ outcomes and attributes across the curriculum. 

The course runs from Monday 6 June to 15 July 2022. Included are 2 synchronous online sessions: 

  • Week 1 Thursday 9 June, 11:00-12:00  
  • Week 4 Thursday 30 June, 11:00-12:00 

Participants submit one assessment task in week 6: ‘A proposal for changes to a course design’:

  • Participants propose changes to a course they teach, based on one of the models and/or curriculum focus areas explored in the subject
  • Provide evidence and justification for the proposed changes

Enrolment & more information

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