What’s your Learning Design identity? How green is your curriculum? If learning gets any more ‘micro’, will it even be there at all?

Share your own take on these topics and more at the next Learning Design Meetup on Tuesday, 20 September, where we’re handing the content design over to you! Bring your reflections, explorations and learnings from the last 6-12 months and present them in Pecha Kucha format (20 images, 20 seconds per image) to a friendly Zoom room of like-minded peers. You don’t have to be a Learning Designer – just bring your experience, ideas and a sense of humour!

Pecha Kucha primer

We wouldn’t ask you do something we weren’t prepared to do ourselves, so here’s a quick introduction to the session format (and perhaps how NOT to do it!):

So to re-cap, that’s 20 slides, images only, and 20 seconds to present each one. Tell your story in a total of 6 minutes 40 and you’re done!

Bring us your Pecha Kucha – here’s how

Already got some ideas? Here’s how to get involved:

  1. Decide on a topic. Take a look at some of the prompts below for ideas to beg, borrow and steal (or add your own)
  2. Collaborate or go it alone. If you like, you can share the presentation with a wingman or woman and take 10 slides each to present. Or make it a trio and triple the fun!
  3. By Friday, 3 September Send us your presentation title and a short description of what you’ll cover. We’ll confirm your spot in the program by Friday 10 September and send you a PowerPoint template to use.
  4. Prepare your 20 slides, with an image on each. Send us your slides by Friday 16 September.
  5. Plan and practise talking over each slide for 20 seconds. Use a script if you prefer, or fly by the seat of your pants and improvise as you go.
  6. Come along to the Meetup on Tuesday 20 September and enjoy!

Topics to tickle your imagination

Below are some of the most popular topics in Learning Design right now, from finding your identity through to designing for a greener future. Take the title and make it your own – what alternative perspectives will you bring?

Why I want to be a learning designer when I grow up…

What’s so great about Learning Design? Why is it such an important role in any learning organisation? What are the different career pathways you can follow as a Learning Designer?

Inspiration: Who designs the learning designer?

Micro creds, short courses and bite-sized learning: is smaller really better in learning design?

It seems that micro-credentials and short forms of learning are everywhere, and they’re here to stay! What’s your take on the boom in ‘small is beautiful? What’s in it for the learner, and how does it impact Learning Design?

Inspiration: Future forms of learning explainer: Know your ‘stackable’ from your ‘microcredential’

Things we love about inclusive learning design

A huge topic this year, and always on the agenda in the design. Have you tried out ways to bring more belonging into your class, or advanced your accessibility skills? Are you finding new ways to think about diversity and inclusion?

Inspiration: The ABCD of inclusive learning design

How on earth can we make Learning Design greener?

Students are demanding more focus on sustainability, and academics and Learning Designers are rising to the challenge. What’s next in the quest to align learning and Learning Design more closely with climate? What does the planet need from Learning Designers?

Inspiration: Nature, future and society: what sustainability means to UTS academics

To co-design or not to co-design?

Jack Johnson may like to sing about being ‘Better Together’, but how does that play out in practice? Is co-design a cover for no one taking responsibility, or is it the only authentic way to design learning that really meets the brief for learners, academics, industry and other stakeholders?

Inspiration: What does co-design really mean?

We can’t wait to hear your ideas and welcome you and your Pecha Kucha to the Learning Design Meetup on Tuesday 20 September. If you would like to join the Meetup, please contact Mais Fatayer for more information. To be part of ongoing discussions on all things Learning Design, please join the conversation in the UTS Learning Design Meetup Teams channel.

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