If you’re teaching in Autumn 2023, there are many ways for you to get support. From making welcome videos that help your students settle in, to getting quick assistance for learning technologies, here’s what the LX.lab can do for you.

Welcome Video Express 

Welcome videos are a great way to introduce yourself and your subject to students at the start of session. In a few short minutes, you can help students get acquainted with you, their new teacher, and the content they’ll be studying.

From 23 January to 4 February, the LX.lab is providing all academics the opportunity to record a new welcome-to-subject video with a professional look and feel. This is what you’ll need to do:

  1. To book your video recording, lodge a Media Production ticket via ServiceConnect at lxlabservices.uts.edu.au and select the option: I would like to book a LX.lab Media Space. Please ensure you add ‘Welcome Video Express’ in your ticket description and list your ideal date and time.
  2. Write up the script for your welcome video (approx. length 3 minutes) and practice before you record to make sure you’re happy with the text. If you’re planning to include images or slides in your video, please limit these to 5 slides or less.
  3. Our friendly team will meet you at the studio before recording starts to help you prepare. We’ll run through the setup with you, and help you to ‘warm up’ before the recording starts. Then all that’s left is to record the video. On the day of your session, try to avoid wearing clothing that has thin patterns or stripes, as they can become distorted in the recorded video. 
  4. After recording, you will receive your edited video back between 6 and 17 February, ready to upload to your Canvas site.

Live chat 

Our live chat is available between 10am and 4pm on weekdays for any general queries about our services, events and using learning technologies. To use our live chat simply head to lx.uts.edu.au and chat to one of our friendly support team members.

Face-to-face consultations

The LX.lab team is back on campus! If you need some hand-on support using Canvas or any other learning technologies, you can book a face-to-face consultation with one of our Learning Design and Technology Specialists, available between 10am and 4pm on weekdays. Consultations must be booked in advance to make sure our staff is – please log a ticket via ServiceConnect to secure your preferred time at lxlabservices.uts.edu.au.

LX.lab Media Space 

The LX.lab Media Space is available to all academic staff at UT. Our studios offer a variety of solutions for your educational media and video production needs. Create pre-recorded lecture videos, video assessment tasks. 

Check out our online tour of the media space to learn more about what you can do, and get in touch with us with any enquiries about recording videos in the space.

Beyond the LX.lab

For technical issues using learning technologies, or access issues, please log a ServiceConnect ticket to ITU. More information about the other learning and teaching support services available to UTS staff can be found on the Beyond the LX.lab page.

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