UTS has purchased an institutional membership for the Academic Quality Forum. There are an unlimited number of membership accounts for anyone in our institution. This is a great opportunity to join a community of academics and professional staff throughout Australia and New Zealand who have an interest in or a responsibility for Academic Quality. 

Broadly defined, academic quality assurance is a demonstration or verification that a desired level of quality of an academic activity has been attained or sustained, or is highly likely to be attained or sustained.


Enhance your own professional development by:

  • tuning into monthly webinars, conversations and interviews
  • accessing articles and other academic resources
  • being involved in networking opportunities

Since HES launched the Academic Quality Forum, recent topics of webinars and resources have included:

  • How looking back has informed and shaped the new nature of learning delivery, both online and on campus
  • Views on the very different national outcomes in response to the global pandemic including the capacity for Australian universities to remain as a world-class research sector and international education destinations
  • Learnings and insights into the Student Experience as revealed by the QILT feedback surveys
  • How Australian Universities meet the ongoing challenges to ensure academic integrity in online assessment

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