Interested in deepening your understanding of equity, diversity, social justice and inclusion beyond the rhetoric and drive positive change? Enrol now in this microcredential with limited sponsored places for UTS academic and professional staff.

‘Practising Inclusion: Working and Teaching for Social Justice’ is an interactive, online microcredential that runs over six weeks. It will introduce you to the fundamentals of equity, human rights and social justice and their role in actively shaping a more inclusive higher education space.  

You will learn to: 

  • explore the concept of inclusion and exclusion in higher education  
  • understand the experiences of historically marginalised groups and their intersectionality
  • consider how culture, diversity and identity impact on learning and social interaction
  • examine the principles for inclusion and adapt them to own professional context 
  • create conditions for change that produce more just, inclusive and equitable spaces  
  • take action in your own work and life 

There are six modules, two assessment tasks that relate to your personal life and professional practice, four synchronous sessions – and plenty of online interaction!

The teaching approach of this course is underpinned by critical pedagogy following Paulo Freire. It includes two phases: awareness raising and action for change. Modules 1-3 focus more on awareness raising; Modules 4-6 emphasise actions for change. The five teaching strategies that underpin this course are listed in the diagram below. These strategies are all interdependent and form a relational frame.

Relational frame shows 5 strategies: provide info and expose to lived experiences, share and learn from others, raise critical awareness, zoom in and out, foster practical strategies.

There are four online synchronous sessions:

  • Week 1: Thursday May 4 (11am-1pm)
  • Week 2: Thursday May 11 (11am-1pm)
  • Week 4: Thursday May 25 (11am-1pm) 
  • Week 6: Monday June 5 (11am-1pm)

Enrol now!

Enrolments are now open and the deadline is Thursday 27th April.

To apply for a sponsored place for this micro credential, contact the UTS Open Customer Service Team at If you are enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Teaching and Learning, please enrol in the paired elective subject (not via the UTS Open link/page).

For more information, please contact the micro coordinator Professor Franziska Trede

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