Turnitin’s new Document Details feature makes it easy to access metadata and language information about files submitted to Turnitin. This information can assist in investigating cases of potential academic misconduct.

Supporting file types

Document Details works best when students submit .docx files. It also supports .pdf and .doc files. Canvas assignments that have the Turnitin Plagiarism Review feature enabled can be configured to accept specific to file types.

Displayed information

When analysing .docx files, Document details will display:

  • The name of the user that created the file
  • The name of the last user to open and make changes to the file
  • The software and version last used to edit the file
  • The page size used for the document (A4, US Letter)
  • The colour, size and type of fonts used
  • Variations in the type of English spelling used (British vs American)

When analysing a .pdf file, Document Details will show the same information minus the last user to open and make changes to the file and the variations in the type of English spelling used.


Document Details is accessed via an icon in the Turnitin Similarity report. The Document Details icon shows a magnifying glass superimposed over a piece of paper and is the last icon in the insights menu.

Staff with access to Similarity reports in Canvas can access Document Details. Students will not see the Document Details icon for any assignment they have submitted to Turnitin.

Find out more

You can learn more about how Document Details works on Turnitin’s Viewing document details webpage.

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