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Tooltime recap: coordinate group work with Microsoft Planner

By Alexis Armytage,

Catch up on our recent Tooltime session, where we explored ways to streamline and organise your work tasks collaboratively with Microsoft Planner.

A chat with Strengthening the UTS Model of Learning Award winners

By Alexis Armytage,

2019 Learning and Teaching Award winners Dr Allison Cummins, Dr Christine Catling, Dr Deborah Fox and Vanessa Scarf share their insights into practice-oriented pedagogy.

A chat with Learning and Teaching Awards winner Raechel Wight

By Alexis Armytage,

Learning and Teaching award-winner Raechel Wight explains how she designs learning experiences for accounting students.

A chat with Early Career Teaching Award winner Dr Job Fransen

By Alexis Armytage,

2019 Learning and Teaching Awards and Citations winner, Dr Job Fransen, discusses his approach to teaching self-discovery in the UTS classroom.

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