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5 cool things MS Teams has that Slack does not at UTS

By Ollie Coady,

MS Teams is here and as those of us who have been using collaboration and communication services such as Slack will discover, there are similarities and differences.

The new 3 ‘R’s are here: AR, VR, MR

By Ollie Coady,

When I was a little kid watching TRON and Lawnmower Man, virtual reality was on the scene - if only in my imagination. The 2000's saw a lull, but over the past 3 years there has been a resurgence in the field. Has it finally come to mainstream?

Google Chrome Profiles: A way of separating yourself from yourself

By Ollie Coady,

Ever had the problem of someone saying they've shared a Google Document with you, but you just can't find it? Maybe it's because you're looking in all the wrong places!

What does the data with Tableau tell me?

By Ollie Coady,

Ever heard of the story where data was captured, analysed, stored and then left alone? It may be something that happens all too often. One data stack tucked away in a little warehouse only to be forgotten when new data comes onto the scene

REVIEW Vs Turnitin – Round 2: Online Marking

By Ollie Coady,

As we move to a more streamlined paperless way to grade assessments, we need to consider which tools and features are most appropriate for our needs. In the UTS corner, wearing aqua and white trunks, we have REVIEW. In the Third Party Corner, wearing a rich red and blue,...

REVIEW Vs Turnitin – which is for you?

By Ollie Coady,

Two systems developed for assessment and feedback. Both with pros and cons. Let's weigh up in Round 1 of REVIEW Vs Turnitin: Assessment.

Weekly Presentations as Assessments? This is a must read!

By Ollie Coady,

Weekly presentations are becoming evermore popular. Organising students into their groups on the other hand, can be a heartache!

Avoiding the tumbleweed in class by blogging!

By Ollie Coady,

At times, we are all faced with the dreaded sound of tumbleweed and the piercing hiss of dry wind when asking our students open-ended questions. But there are solutions! Here is one.

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By Ollie Coady,

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