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Faculty of Health: Future of Assessment Showcase

By Sylvia Singh,

A recap of presentations from the Faculty of Heath's Assessment showcase.

What does authentic assessment mean to you?

By Sylvia Singh,

Amara Atif and Sylvia Singh discuss authentic assessment, and how to make it meaningful for students.

Better together: Mentoring and peer-to-peer learning in the move to new technologies

By Sylvia Singh,

Reflections on how FEIT and Law used shared learning and collaboration to move ahead with the challenges of LX Transformation and remote teaching.

Get moving with Canvas templates and shells

By Sylvia Singh,

Reduce stress and save time by using our ready-made suite of shells and templates. Your Canvas site starts here!

Let’s discuss: how 4 academics increased student engagement on discussion forums

By Sylvia Singh,

Discover how to use discussion forums to stimulate student thinking and participation during remote teaching.

4 principles for online accessibility

By Sylvia Singh,

Some important aspects of online accessibility to pay attention to when creating subject sites.

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