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Reimagining the traditional teaching team to develop online microcredentials

By Shaun Bell,

The vital elements in the collaboration between CAIK and PGLD to bring a new microcredential course to life.

Futures blog

5 Questions with Susan Page

By Susan Page,

Susan Page, Professor at the Centre for the Advancement of Indigenous Knowledges, talks teaching advice, challenges and inspiration...

Futures blog

Aboriginal Sydney now

By Futures Team,

You may have heard about the Bangarra Dance Theatre and Bennelong Point, but what about Lake Northam, Bidura, Royleston and Murawina? A new subject run by the Centre for the Advancement of Indigenous Knowledges (CAIK) is giving all undergraduate students the opportunity to better engage with and understand Indigenous...

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Mapping the journey: How UTS is working towards the Indigenous Graduate Attribute

By Lucy Arthur,

Embedding an Indigenous Graduate Attribute in the design of every UTS course is a significant undertaking in itself, as well as part of the wide-scale learning.futures transformation. Professor Susan Page from the Centre for the Advancement of Indigenous Knowledges (CAIK) reflects on the unique way UTS is approaching this...

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