What is Collaboration Week?

Collaboration Week is a dedicated week that gives staff the chance to drop by, ask questions, and learn about using collaborative tools and practices to enhance student and team experiences from different experts across UTS. Such collaborative tools include but are not limited to Microsoft teams, Planner, polling platforms and real-time documents.


UTS collaboration experts think that this is a great way to get to know the UTS learning and teaching community, and help staff feel more confident working not only with these apps, but also with other staff in their division and across the university. We want to encourage staff to call for collaboration support through guidance and consulting. UTS is all about promoting a culture of digital upskilling, and we’re here to help make that experience people-focused and rewarding.


What’s in it for me?

Want to stay in the loop, but receive fewer emails? Want to edit the same document at the same time as your colleague, rather than sending attachments back and forth? Want to start, manage, and monitor small or large class discussions online? Teams and Planner can help!


Haven’t heard about Teams?

If you’re not using Teams yet, you almost certainly know someone who is. There are over 4,000 active users and 1,300 teams at UTS currently. Curiosity is growing and staff from all faculties and divisions are interested in how Teams can improve their communication and collaboration.


Drop in to Collaboration Week, talk us through your questions and approach, and we’ll help set you up with the tools you need.


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