This year, we embarked on one of our biggest learning and teaching programs at UTS with the LX Transformation.

Our move to Canvas, starting with postgraduate courses, is an opportunity to match our digital environment to the campus experience, as well as an opportunity to transform the student experience by taking a whole of course approach.

It has meant unparalleled collaboration from course teams across each faculty as they come together to strengthen the connections and consistency across courses, with countless examples for how these conversations are making a difference.

Representatives from across the faculties took the time to share their experience of the transformative whole of course sessions with us.

The transformation of 600 postgraduate subjects will be complete by the start of Autumn 2020, when teaching in Canvas commences. Plans for the undergraduate transformation will commence from next year.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in LXT this year. Your enthusiasm, commitment and energy is appreciated.

Warm greetings for the holiday season from all of us in LXT.

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