The purpose of this post is to help you to understand how student disability access requirements are supported within the online learning environment and where to get more information and assistance.

UTS’s approach to supporting students with access requirements will mostly be business as usual during the current period, but there will be some changes to the way services are delivered. While online learning can resolve access barriers for some students, it can also increase difficulties for other students.


The following information provides a quick overview. With technologies and systems developing rapidly, this information will be updated as required and located at LX Resources.

1. Reminders

The Accessibility Service is the central contact point for students who have a disability.

Assistance for subject coordinators

2. Provision of accessible online learning

3. Changes/updates

  • Accessibility Service Student Appointments: with Accessibility Consultants are via phone or zoom.
  • Additional consultation for individual needs for online learning: ALO Referral and Information to Academics communications have been updated to include access requests for online learning.

Notetaking service


  • A very small number of captioning requests are anticipated.
  • LX.lab staff can assist with the implementation of closed captioning requests for videos / pre-recorded audio material. Request assistance via ServiceConnect. Accessibility Service can arrange external providers for live captioning requests for Zoom classes.

Exam provisions

Feedback and requests for further information

Feedback on this post and suggestions for additional information or information gaps is most welcome. Please provide your feedback to with the Subject line: Accessibility.

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