It’s been five already? Wow! On September 15th, our UTS video meet-ups were back in action. This included perhaps our most diverse range of topics yet, all focusing on video approaches that can be applied to almost any subject. Missed out? Have no fear! We’ve got you covered once again in this wrap-up blog post.

First up was Julia Memar, who talked about a unique pencasting solution she had developed herself for live sessions teaching mathematics. While students are able to see her face via webcam, Julia uses an iPad as an additional participant on zoom to show her working out math problems. At 7:20 in the presentation below, Julia provides a demonstration.

Something not covered here is a digital way of tackling pencasting using the annotation features in Microsoft Word. For more on that and other various pencast examples, be sure to check out this useful resource. Also referenced during the Q&A session in the video below is this article focusing on five ways to increase the effectiveness of instructional video, and this presentation on designing modules around educational media from our previous event.

Our next presentation was from Pernille Christensen about her experiences with using YouTube playlists and analytics. Pernille also briefly touches on using Kaltura and H5P.

To conclude, we had another brief but insightful presentation from Alison Cummins, who spoke about creating videos involving 3rd-year nursing students talking to first-year students for her Culture Shock workshop.

We had a great time and would like to thank our speakers for their insights. For those interested in attending our next event in November, you can register for the sixth instalment (and last for the year) below.

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