‘Automated Feedback’ has existed in various forms at UTS for quite some time: from online quizzes, to adaptive learning platforms, to conditional messaging. But…

  • But what really is it?
  • Is it really automated?
  • How does it extend upon my existing feedback practices?  
  • What can we use it for?
  • Where is it the most effective?

In this event series, we will look at the key categories of automated feedback and how you can use them to respond to a range of common and pressing issues associated with learning and teaching.

The first session provides an introduction to the key types of auto feedback technology. The subsequent three sessions each look at how these can address some key issues around teaching and learning in digital environments.

Learn from experience

Alongside experts from UTS CIC, you will also get to hear from UTS academics about how they have been using some of these tools. We aim to grow a community of interest around this topic to help inform teaching and learning decisions and LX.lab support strategies.

Attend in person or via Zoom

We’re opening up the LX.lab main area in Building 6 to small events again. Experience a mixed mode of delivery where you can join via Zoom or in person at the lab itself. Just book ahead so we know how you’d like to attend.

Register for the Automated Feedback series:

Automated Feedback – Part 1
Automated Feedback – Part 2
Automated Feedback – Part 3
Automated Feedback – Part 4

We look forward to seeing you there.

In the meantime, learn more about Automated Feedback and Adaptive Learning at UTS here.

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