Our Students Talk Sustainability series of events at the LX.lab are beng led by student sustainability leaders. In the first of a two-part series, we get to know these students and find out more about what has inspired them to take climate action.

This week, we’re showcasing two leaders from Business Society (BSoc), Isaac Masterman and Jayan Pascoe. They will be facilitating an event on October 13th on Climate Action and industry engagement.

Meet Issac

Head shot of Issac Masterman  wearing a suit standing outside UTS Business School

How did you come to be concerned about sustainability?

My family has been involved in eco-tourism since its inception in Australia. This has given me a strong understanding of sustainable mindsets and frameworks as our operation is completely off-grid. This operational mindset is informed by a value set that sparked the curiosity to learn more

What’s an area of industry that you can see yourself working in?

I can see myself working in consulting. I think the industry is well poised to be a voice to drive action on climate change. By having high-level access to organisational decision-making and executives, these roles can be voices that encourage these changes. There are a lot of reasons to adopt sustainable and regenerative mindsets beyond the social good, but organisations need to look long term to identify them.

Who inspires you and why?

Yvon Chouinard; founder of Patagonia. They were the leader when it comes to founding a company with strong values. As a company, they consistently stand by their sustainable values and always live up to their reputation.

What would you like to do in the next year as part of your work/studies?

I’d love to find another internship in a sustainability-focused company. A lot of exciting companies are doing new things and I would love to be part of that journey.

When/how did you become involved in BSoc?

I became involved in BSoc in 2019. I saw the opportunity on social media and I was looking for ways to engage in student life. I felt BSoc would give me the opportunity to get to know more of my faculty in a period where it was quite difficult to meet anyone.

Meet Jayan

Head shot of Jayan Pascoe wearing a suit standing outside UTS Business School

What’s one low CO2 activity that brings you joy?


What’s an area of industry that you can see yourself working in?

Acting or sustainability consulting, design futuring.

What’s an interesting book or article you’ve read about sustainability?

Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth. I found this book compelling because she completely rewrites the rules of economic theory to accurately the reflect the current needs of society and presents a tangible model that individuals, businesses and governments should subscribe to.

Tell us about a great learning experience from your studies.

My studies in BCII have been invaluable as they have given me an arsenal of skills and schools of thought such as transdisciplinary innovation, complexity thinking and systems thinking, which I can apply to any field or problem.

Join Issac and Jayan in the conversation at this upcoming event

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