Academic integrity and assessment security are issues that affect us all at University. They are wicked problems requiring many approaches to tackle. One great source of information and advice about all things to do with assessment is the CRADLE group (Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning) down at Deakin Uni. 

This October CRADLE are running a free online research symposium forum and keynote addressing the topic ‘Challenging Cheating’:

which intentionally can be interpreted as having many meanings – from the challenges that cheating poses to education, to challenging the very idea of cheating, and beyond. It is meant to open up discussion, pose problems, and create space for a range of diverse and potentially contradictory perspectives to contribute.


Keynote registration

You can now register for the free online keynote from Sarah Eaton on October 12 via Eventbrite.

Interactive Panel registration

You can also register for the Interactive Panel Session on 18 October via the Eventbrite page. The panel will feature:

Find out more

Read CRADLE’s blog about the symposium to find out more about CRADLE and the upcoming events.

Watch: stopping cheating in higher education

Watch Phill Dawson’s awesome 2022 tier list of methods to stop cheating in higher education.

You can also download the tier list as a JPG File from Phil’s WordPress site and obtain an editable version of the tier list from Canva (free account required). Some further reading can be found in Phil’s comprehensive bibliography for the presentation.

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