It’s the start of a new year, and you’re likely making plans for your learning and teaching focus over the next 12 months. Maybe you’re tossing up whether to try something new, or build on what’s worked for you in the past. If you’re looking to make an impact and connect with others, here’s something you can do to take your ideas beyond the classroom and into the community – write a blog post for LX at UTS.  

Why write a blog post?  

The higher education community is built on sharing ideas. This is a natural outcome of the research process, where work is developed with the explicit goal of publishing in a journal or through a conference. But for many who teach as well, their research is embedded within their field of interest – which is often not specifically about learning and teaching. This means that innovative teaching ideas, discoveries and possibilities may not be as widely shared as they should be.  

A blog post, with much shorter length and less stringent requirements than a research paper, is a low time cost, accessible way to share these ideas and get them circulating in the higher education community. Blogs can also boost your professional profile by establishing a relevant online presence, helping you make new connections through your shared work and learn from others who are also sharing their ideas. 

Any time you need to show someone your learning and teaching processes, you’ll have a handy link to send through without having to explain from the beginning. Even better, you can also include your published blog post on submissions for awards, grants, and other applications that ask you to show your work.  

How we can help 

The LX.lab content and editorial teams have worked with hundreds of academics from UTS and other universities, to provide support in writing up their stories and getting them seen by a wide audience. With an average of 10,000+ views per month across the site, there is a built-in audience for your ideas, ready and waiting to learn more. Some of the best performing blog posts on our site have also gained traction on platforms including Twitter and Linkedin, picking up international audiences and attracting ongoing readership well beyond their publishing date.  

We work with interested contributors to discuss what they want to say, and how to say it best in the blog format – in your own words, using your own voice. We’ll help you to condense complex ideas into readable explanations, without compromising on the core details. And we’ll format your post for online reading, making sure it’s optimised for Google and other search engines. You’ll retain final approval for anything we work on together.  

Get started 

The LX content team is ready to hear from you! Drop us a comment on this post, or email us at If you’re looking for inspiration, browse through some of the hundreds of blog posts from the UTS learning and teaching community (a good place to start would be our top learning and teaching stories of 2022). 

Whether you’re reading or writing, we’re looking forward to another year of innovative and inspiring content with the UTS community.  

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