We all know UTS loves a good rankings list, and here’s our contribution. To celebrate the best of learning and teaching for another eventful year, the LX.lab team are counting down the most-viewed posts written in 2022. Popular themes across the 200+ blog posts published on the LX@UTS website this year included co-design, universal learning design, inclusivity and the relaunched Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Teaching and Learning course.


22: Wrapping up the 2022 Vice-Chancellor’s Learning and Teaching Awards Ceremony – the winners for the next round of awards were recently announced; in this wrap-up, Ruby Seaward reported back from this year’s ceremony in all its ‘we’re back on campus!’ glory.

21: Lectures are online again – here are 5 strategies for good practiceShirley Alexander explained the strategy put forward at the start to 2022 to develop online lectures as guided by student feedback.

20: Step into Autumn 2022: a guide to getting started – a regular guide we publish at the start of each session to get you off to a flying start.

19: Exploring UDL: design with everyone in mind – also by the LX.lab’s David Yeats, this blog explored some of the origins, benefits and critiques of Universal Design for Learning.

18: OPM in motion: one flow, but not one pace – the first in a series of three by Gregory Martin gave us insight into the process of an OPM course where students have the flexibility to set and check their own pace.

17: Engineering student survey feedback for a positive outcomeCan Ding put forward a great example of how to apply student feedback to a subject for a marked improvement in quality and reception.

16: The Enhancing Courses process: a new guide for improving your course designMichaela Zappia introduced us to a process developed by IML that aims to enhance course design.

15: Your Canvas Grades submission questions answered – there are always questions to be answered about grade submission, and Michael Chan was here to help. (Our Canvas grade submission process resource is consistently one of our most sought-after pages too.)

14: A farewell message from Shirley Alexander – outgoing DVC Shirley Alexander passed the baton to Professor Kylie Readman and reflected on her time at UTS.

13: The ABCD of inclusive learning designLucy Blakemore looked at the basics of inclusive learning design in the lead-up to a Learning Design Meetup on this theme.

12: What does co-design really mean? – also the product of one of this year’s Learning Design Meetups, Designer and design educator KA McKercher unpicked the definition of co-design.

11: Two courses, two perspectives: celebrating our first UTS Online grads – we heard from the graduates and teachers of UTS Online courses about the learning process.


10: Colour vision deficiency: what you need to know – tips and visual charts from Phillip Mills showed us how to improve access to content for people living with colour-vision deficiency.

9: 11 tips to support students with ADHDAshley Willcox guided us on how to better support students with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

8: Enrol for Spring’s Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Teaching and Learning – one of two posts by Franziska Trede to promote registration for a revamped course designed with flexibility in mind; this version communicated registration for the Spring session, while the Autumn session version sits at #3 on this list.

7: From consultation to collaboration: situating co-design in practice – at one of this year’s ever-popular FFYE Forums, Bridget Malcolm and Lindsay Asquith from DAB looked at how co-design might be situated among the many types of design in practice.

6: A co-design process for learning innovationsMais Fatayer talked to Elaine Huber from the University of Sydney about co-designing with a large team.

5: Contribute to the 2022 UTS Learning and Teaching Forum – a call-out for submissions that led to a diverse range of topics and presenters at this year’s Learning and Teaching Forum.

4: Enrol now for Technology-enhanced Learning – one of the subjects from the Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Teaching and Learning.

3: Relaunching the Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Teaching and Learning

2: Losing your compassionate edge? 6 tips to avoid burn-out in 2022 – this blog by Georgina Barratt-See really struck a chord when it was posted early in the year and endured throughout another unpredictable year of challenges and change.

And coming in at #1:

A research story stormed in take the top spot this year. David Waller from the Business school aimed to reduce the complexity in communicating ideas with a simple model (the six ‘R’s) and explained the difference between qualitative and quantitive research.

Returning in early 2023

We look forward to hearing your stories next year and sharing them with the learning and teaching community. If you’d like to contribute a blog, email us your idea at LX.lab@uts.edu.au. In the meantime, we are taking some downtime and will see you back on the blog in the second week of January. Happy new year!

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