The 2023 UTS Learning and Teaching Awards and Citations winners were announced at last week’s Learning and Teaching Forum. See the full list below – a big congratulations to all successful recipients!


Contribution to Social Impact and Learning and Teaching Award

  • Jeremy Lindeck, Osman Mah, Christopher Wilson, Eva Cheng, Trish Dimasi (FEIT) – for the development of the Optik Consultancy work experience program using industry projects to support students finding difficulty accessing work-integrated learning

Individual Teaching Awards

  • Dr Erika Penney (Health) – for e-MH Revolution: Psychologist Training in an Era of Technological Change
  • Dr Lee Wallace (Health) – for enhancing student engagement through innovation and sensory rich learning

Team Teaching Award

  • Dr Anne Maree Payne, Fran Grant, Dr Myra Dunn (FASS) – for sustained excellence in engaging students with Indigenous Studies

Early Career Teaching Award

  • Dr Anna Lidfors Lindqvist (FEIT) – for From Tutor to Educational Innovator: Academic Journey in Mechanical Engineering Education

Academic Support Award

  • Professor David Sibbritt, Dr Shannon Lin, Grace Ward, Dr Danielle Manton, Susan Davidson, Dr Marlene Payk, Amy Zheng, Dr Giuliana Murfet, Dr Ashley Ng, Chris Rossiter (Health) – for supporting Indigenous diabetes students to promote Indigenous health outcomes

Student Experience – Highly Commended

  • Professor Hui Chen, Distinguished Professor Brian Oliver, Dr David van Reyk (Science) – for embedding research-inspired teaching and mentoring in generating a publishable scientific review

Student Experience Award

  • Dr Jeffrey Crabtree, Monica Rouvellas (FASS) – for accelerating the engagement of music and sound design students with the contemporary music industry business environment


  • Dr Aileen Shibani Michael Xavier (TD School) – for nurturing well-rounded Data Science professionals
  • Dr Andrew Care (Science) – for enriching student experiences through the Australasian Synthetic Biology Challenge
  • Dr Behzad Fatahi (FEIT) – for creating industry-aligned and inclusive educational experiences for Civil Engineering students
  • Dr Brett Heino (Law) – for enriching and empowering Law students through learner-centric care
  • Dr Alice Loda, Associate Professor Ilaria Vanni Accarigi, Eleonora Cerqua, Dr Angela Giovanangeli, Emanuela Moretto (FASS) – for The Italy Major: Global Citizenship through a whole-of-course approach
  • Dr Cherie Lucas, Dr Tamara Power, Dr Sally Fitzpatrick, Professor Megan Williams (TD School) – for development, implementation and evaluation of the WRAP Toolkit in Health Education
  • Crystal Meikle, Associate Professor Harry Hobbs, Francis Johns, Stuart Lowe (Law) – for immersing Law students in the profession through an innovative program
  • Timothy Miles (Law) – for engaging non-Law students in Law subjects using storytelling
  • Dr Joshua Pate (Health) – for creating impactful learning opportunities to facilitate lifelong learning
  • A great effort by the PPL and Optik team who are really impacting the internship experience for our students by working closely with industry on projects and getting great outcomes. Its great to see Optik and the School of PPL getting the recognition it deserves as well as leading the way in learning integrated work. Well done team

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