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How-to’s to the rescue!

By Bilquis Ghani,

A suite of how-to videos have been launched on UTS Staff Canvas Community to help you with those tricky moments!

Digitalising assessments and submission: we’re here to help!

By Bilquis Ghani,

Going digital can be daunting but you don't need super powers to get on top of it. Take a look at our upcoming workshops and book in today.

Does UTSOnline make you anxious? There’s a light at the end of the tunnel!

By Bilquis Ghani,

Make UTSOnline subject prep a little less 'uh-oh' and a little more 'yee-ha' with this checklist...

What to do when you have to write but you really just can’t…

By Bilquis Ghani,

8 pointers to boost your writing productivity with snack writing

Is your subject accessible to all your students?

By Bilquis Ghani,

How to lead the charge in accessible subject offerings

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