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How to be social and present in the online classroom

By Alexander White,

Alex White links teacher presence back to Social Presence Theory and uncovers recent examples of being present during remote teaching.

Begin as you mean to go on: file naming conventions

By Alexander White,

Do you have a consistent file naming system for your subject site? Moira Scerri does!

Introducing first years to MS Teams

By Alexander White,

Starting university is an overwhelming prospect at the best of times. Amara Atif takes care to support students as they acclimatise to learning online.

How academics are using Microsoft Teams

By Alexander White,

Two academics share how they have used MS Teams effectively for remote teaching.

Connecting with large cohorts online

By Alexander White,

Three academics discuss how they dealt with the challenges of moving their large classes online.

Suddenly online: innovation in FEIT

By Alexander White,

Here are some examples of face-to-face based learning designs that presented a challenge to shift online, and the innovative solutions that have been undertaken.

Looking after yourself while working from home

By Alexander White,

Tips, tricks and resources to help you adjust to working from home.

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