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Engineering emotion: the creative power of interdisciplinary connections

By Beata Francis,

Beata Francis shares learnings from the Forum on Philosophy, Engineering and Technology.

Futures blog

How to create a learning community with students as partners

By Rhiannon Hall,

In the Biomedical Engineering school, Dr Nham Tran has created a community in which students and academics are able to collaborate on curriculum. We had a chat to Dr Tran and one of students to hear about how it works.

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Finding the freedom to create in Mechatronics

By Rhiannon Hall,

As part of the FFYE Students as Partners theme, Dr Gavin Paul's studio has been trialling a collaborative and immersive learning experience in which students are mentored to develop their own learning goals.

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On students as partners: Justine Lawson and Scott McKeon

By Katie Duncan,

How are students being engaged in the Faculty of Engineering? Justine Lawson, Manager of Teaching & Learning Design, and tutor Scott McKeon take us through the extremely popular Summer Studios.

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Redefining who belongs in Engineering

By Anne Gardner,

Myths and truths of what kinds of students can be found in engineering, and what's being done to increase diversity in the field.

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5 Questions with…Dr Terry Brown

By Terry Brown,

Something new I tried out in teaching in the last year was...

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Why I do what I do: Lala Day, Learning Designer, Postgraduate Futures

By Lala Day,

The moment that led to me becoming a Learning Designer was... about eight years ago, I was in class telling my students that if I saw another mobile phone out on the table I was going to take it and sell it on eBay; mine was a mobile free...

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