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Get help with learning technologies today by using ServiceConnect

By Amanda Sampol,

If getting stuck with learning technologies like UTSOnline, SPARKPlus, REVIEW or Echo360 sounds familiar, then ServiceConnect is for you. Get the help you need by lodging a request to the Learning Technologist team through ServiceConnect today to have your questions answered.

Three quick ways to stay in the loop for Spring session

By Rhiannon Hall,

If you're heading into Spring session feeling overwhelmed by all the preparation that needs to be done, we've got you covered. Here are three simple ways to get help and resources that'll have you ready to dive in to the new session.

Clickers for Engaging Large Classes

By Emily Quinn Smyth,

Got a large class and want to engage them with Clickers?

How to create ‘camera facing’ video

By Emily Quinn Smyth,

Get the tips on how to create camera facing videos here

Making videos – general guidelines for best practice

By Emily Quinn Smyth,

Creating videos for your classes? Here's some tips for how to create effective welcome videos

Making short videos to present content: the process

By Emily Quinn Smyth,

Professor Andrew Jakobowicz talks about his use of the Green Screen in creating video content for student pre-class viewing

Flipped Marine Science

By Emily Quinn Smyth,

Dr Melanie Bishop from Macquarie University adopted a new flipped approach to a Marine Biology subject, Marine Environmental Issues.

Tips on using media in your online space

By Emily Quinn Smyth,

Read about tips for using media in your online space here

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