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Wiser, stronger: mentoring women in STEM research

By Emily Canda,

Find out how you can get involved in the UTS Women in STEM Research (WiSR) Mentoring Program.

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Ignite sparks and inspire futures with Lucy Mentoring

By Lucia Bautista,

Help future engineers and IT professionals build confidence in their career pathways with Lucy Mentoring.

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Knowing you, knowing your students: strategies to facilitate learning

By Georgina Barratt-See,

Letting go of ego, learning new things and not being a perfectionist can make you a more effective mentor.

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Better together: Mentoring and peer-to-peer learning in the move to new technologies

By Sylvia Singh,

Reflections on how FEIT and Law used shared learning and collaboration to move ahead with the challenges of LX Transformation and remote teaching.

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UTS Soft Skills: It’s About Mentoring

By Lan Snell,

How important is mentoring for students? Take a look at the next installment in a series of videos that focuses on the soft skills UTS Business graduates can expect to gain from their learning experiences…

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