Stories and experiences

1. Our colleague Emily Quinn Smyth shared her experience of starting AUSLAN classes: Switch your voice off (we also spoke to Emily and Dr Andy Leigh about AUSLAN and Science here).

2. Annmaree Watharow detailed what it’s like to do a PhD while dealing with a degenerative condition: My path to PhD, and disability in the university.

3. Read about a day in the life of navigating the university environment while using a wheelchair by Patrisha Domingo: Living Accessed.

4. Thinking about cultural competence and the sometimes tricky territory of balancing respect and empathy with Sarah Houbolt: The Simulation Blues.

5. Venetia Vecellio shines a light on how anxiety can affect the experience of higher education: Let’s talk about accessibility in universities.


6. Start by communicating with your students and finding out their needs and access requirements. Access #101: How to know your student’s needs.

7. The importance of alt text – what it is, how to use it and why you need it. Why alt text matters.

8. Equipping yourself with the knowledge to deal with mental health access requirements. Comfort in the environment: accessibility and mental health.

9. The guidebook for UTS staff and students. Tips from the UTS Accessibility Resource Guide: Digital Environments.

10. How UTS approaches inclusion: Inclusive practice belongs at UTS.


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