Want to share video content, but not too sure which video streaming platform best suits your learning and teaching needs? Look no further, the LX.lab has THE event for you.  Our upcoming event, ‘Find your perfect video streaming’ platform match will give the audience an opportunity to learn more about each of the eligible contenders; KalturaYouTubeVimeo and Stream. We’ve asked our contenders to remain anonymous and embody the mind, body and soul of each one of these streaming platforms to help you find your perfect match. Check out the bio for one of the four video streaming platforms below.



Data centre base


What are you passionate about?

I’m super passionate about giving organizations the ability to control their own media and keep them private. In the learning design space, I’m super keen on developing interactive tools like video quizzes to create more engaging learning experiences.

What is your best feature?

Definitely my video quizzes. Not only can you build an interactive quiz on top of your video for formative purposes, you can even make one out of my dear friend YouTube’s videos!

Who is your ideal type of user?

My ideal candidate is… someone who wants to use video in their learning design, and who’s willing to try out new features to build interactivity into their online space.


There are more to come, so stay tuned on Futures! This post is an extension of the LX.lab’s ‘Find your perfect video streaming‘ event.

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