In the first of two posts on building your case for teaching, we showed some videos of recent awardees sharing their thoughts and experience of applying for an award. In this post we have video of Jan McLean, Jo McKenzie and Shirley Alexander talking about various aspects of developing an application for an award or promotion.

Ideas from Jan McLean, Jo McKenzie & Jenna Price

In this first video Jan shares some ideas about developing your rationale for teaching – sometimes called your teaching philosophy – but perhaps more usefully described as your approach to teaching. Why do you do it the way that you do?

Insights from Shirley Alexander

In the following video Shirley Alexander talks about her experience of reviewing applications over the years, and what she has learnt from that. How useful to hear that side of the story.

A Q&A with Shirley Alexander

In the next video, the participants in the workshop asked Shirley some questions about the application process, and what might be crucial inclusions in the applications.

Wrapping up, with Jan McLean

In this final video Jan McLean talks about how you might move forward, developing some ideas about your own approach to teaching, and to bring them along to the next workshop.

If this has been interesting for you, you might like to come along to the next workshop on 14 August. Keep an eye out for registration in the What’s on section of Futures.

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