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Sustainable teaching: is it time to revisit your fitness goals?

By Lucy Blakemore,

Looking for a little extra motivation to change up your ‘teaching fitness’ regime? Lace up your trainers – it's workout time!

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Further notes on building a case for your teaching

By Ann Wilson,

The second part of a two-part series that provides tips on applying for an award.

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Building a case for your teaching

By Ann Wilson,

What makes an effective application for a teaching award or a promotion? In a series of workshops here at UTS we will be exploring how to craft and present a compelling case for promotion or UTS or national teaching awards.

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Students not reading their emails? Try connecting via social media

By Amanda White,

Is anyone out there? Try using social media to communicate with students.

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What’s our vision for 2027 and how will we achieve it?

By Anita Dawson,

Hear directly from Vice-Chancellor Attila Brungs.

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Sustainable development is dead: long live sustainability

By Sarina Kilham,

On interesting ways to help students get past their assumptions...

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Are weekly interactive quizzes the answer?

By Natalie Krikowa,

One question we ask ourselves before the start of each teaching session is, “how do we get our students to do the weekly readings and tutorial preparation activities?” I too, have been asking myself this question for years, and I think there might be a solution.

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Teaching for learning.futures is back this Autumn!

By Jan McLean,

Have you been meaning to make your teaching more engaging for students but just can’t seem to get around to doing it?

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Key Technology Partnership in Teaching Excellence

By Jurgen Schulte,

Learn about the authentic, practical learning experience that UTS is sharing with international partners...

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Law of the Sea: a chat with Dr David Leary

By Philip Betts,

David Leary takes us through the basics of his subject, Law of the Sea.

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